Månad: april 2017

Paddy Rock Radio!!

Flying the flag for Paddy Rock Radio!! Actually covers a crack on Bren’s guitar pretty well! Photo: Martin Avedal (Örebro Tribune).

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to all of yous around the world!! 🐓🍻

Drinking Session for us in SIR REG!!

Just a normal drinking session for us in SIR REG!! Thanks to Shock.se for the cool accessories and Gustaf Sandholm Andersson for the pic!

SIR REG & Greenland Whalefishers!!

Brendan and Filip had a surprise visit to last night’s Bergen gig from Arvid and Atle-Hjørn from the great Greenland Whalefishers! Grand to finally sink pints with them!

Katalin and All That Jazz!!

Great photos from our gig at Katalin And All That Jazz Östra Station in Uppsala

Tour set-list!!

Most of our recent tour set-lists were made up of tunes from our latest album Modern Day Disgrace! Of course we also threw in a few oldies but always nice to play new stuff!